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DC-born/LA-based foursome Brett blasted into the 10K family with boundless ambition and infectious tenacity in the springtime of 2016, led by frontman and musical maverick Mick Coogan. Signed to indie label Cascine, the band (guitarist Scott Dittrich, bassist Dave Kuehl, and drummer Jon Jester) put out a new full-length ‘Mode’ in March this year, supporting it with an east coast tour with Chad Valley, and shows in LA with Youmi Zouma and other artists. Ever the prolific songwriters, and chameleon-like in their aspirations to explore the multiple facets of their inspirations, Brett have already magic’d up an EP. Intended for release alongside songwriting house 10K Islands, the ‘Die Young’ EP pushes their pop sensibilities into a 1970s realm, exploring the bittersweet beauty of eternal youth.

The journey will begin on July 22 with the release of lead single ‘California Nights’. Imagine if Tom Petty and Toro Y Moi met on the 405, sank some beers and watched an LA candyfloss sunset, and your scene is set; like peering into a Kaleidoscope as dusk approaches and the hustle-bustle of the day simmers down, leading the way for the unknown territory of another evening in the City of Angels…

Over the coming months, the ‘Die Young’ EP will present Brett in their most ambitious light to date. Pop remains the beating heart of their songwriting, but Coogan’s discovered a new way of bending the lightness of their classic melodies and weaving them with darker narrative inspired by the type of storytelling and scene-setting created by complex troubadours of the past. Coogan’s heroes (from Petty to Stephen Malkmus and Robert Smith) have encouraged him to draw upon the surreal. It adds an element of danger to the throat-y punch that comes at the end of ‘California Nights’ as a squalling MBV/Stone Roses-style guitar solo courses the final chorus over the tune’s vast psychedelic terrain.

Beyond the tunes, the EP’s mood is captured perfectly by Northern Irish photographer Megan Doherty, whose portraits of wistful, dissonant youth feature on the cover and sleevenotes for this very special one-off Brett x 10K project.

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